About these Ramblings

As the sub-heading declares, this blog is primarily ‘Writing about Writing for Writers‘.

In using the term ‘writers‘ I do not differentiate between someone who writes fiction, non-fiction, a blogger, a poet, or indeed a technical writer. In fact many of us utilise our writing skills over a wide variety of medium.

I do hope however, that even if you are not a writer you will still read these Ramblings because, unlike many blogs which concentrate on a particular topic, I try to approach my subject matter from an oblique angle, staying as far from formal or technical jargon as possible.

Partly, this is to convey in simple form the practical and literal interpretations of whatever theme or issue the post is dealing with, but more so it is because many, if not most of my Ramblings, consider the human element involved, the life lessons I have learned or have been affected by over the xxx number of years I have been alive.

Those of you who are regular readers of my irregular scribbling’s will know each post focuses on a particular, although random topic.  

These post are written without any formal structure, hence my use of the word ‘Ramblings’.

None of my posts are intended to be, or give a definitive; they are simply my own personal view regarding the subject of choice. However, I hope my Ramblings stimulate your mind, make you consider, create discussion, even debate.

Bearing all this in mind, please feel free to add your own observations, views and opinions in the comments section of each and any of my ‘Ramblings’ posts.

Thank you for visiting this blog and thank you for reading my irreverent scribblings, Paul.

If you would like to know more about me and my works please visit my website


Paul White is a founding Member of APC

15 thoughts on “About these Ramblings

  1. Hello Paul. I’m a little late getting back to talk to you, so I aplogise for that. I’m always interested in blogs about writing, especially when they are written by other authors. I hope to have a look at some of your older posts when I have a spare few minutes and, of course, I look forward to reading your future posts.


  2. Thanks for following my blog it’s good to see you Paul. Remember when we met on Google+ in Groovy Graveyards I thought you looked like the pope because of the small profile photo and the light on your head. Lol! You are a handsome man now that I see your picture properly. Enjoy your week.


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