13 thoughts on “What’s the difference between an Indie Author & an Indie Publisher?

  1. Interesting article. I am now experienced as a hybrid author who is both traditionally published and self-published at the same time. I hired a formatter as I cannot be bothered with the messing around side of things. It worked out well, but I do love handing it over to a publisher to do in all honesty. I have spent my life as an entrepreneur so have always been prepared to be hardworking regarding promotion and PR. Thanks for this. Reblogging on https://janerisdon.com


  2. I enjoyed reading this clear article explaining how the industry has progressed and changed. I am just starting out on my journey and still breaking in. My first two anthology books were done through Createspace – and although I had the books edited and proofread and I accepted the advice, I can still find some errors.
    For my first full novel I set up myself as an ‘independent author’ (the term I use) with a publishing name. I own my own ISBNs. I hired a proof reader and I had my cover scrutinised. I formatted both the paperback and ebooks to the industry standards or as near as. The book is listed with the British Library
    I used both KDP and IngramSpark as the printers (POD) and distributors.
    I judge my success as having this book available to order from every bookshop and online book retailer.
    i did give a short presentation in Waterstones, three sales. It was the wrong audience of fellow writers and authors – I needed readers.
    My sales are modest.
    Marketing, sales and PR are the next aspects to master on my journey as an Independent Author/publisher.

    I find being in control of the whole process comfortable and accept my own failings rather than pass the responsibility into the hands of an Indie Publisher.

    I know some people who have gone down the routes listed above – the common factor they experience is the management of their expectations – enough said.

    I have adopted the attitude – write the best i can and make readers aware – they will determine if I have it right book for them.

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