10 thoughts on “Insights & Publishing Trends for 2018

    1. You are welcome, John.
      Why not take a look back at some of the subjects I have covered, there are plenty to help writers, new or experienced. I tend to steer clear of technical jargon most times, so they are easy to read (I hope!)


  1. Thanks, Susanne.
    Native Publishing/advertising is rather like product placement.
    I dislike the term, I do not think it is descriptive or enlightening.

    A while ago I developed my own version, which I call ‘Creative Brand Narrative Marketing’, CBNM.

    My explanation goes like this:
    “Unlike regular or standard brand narrative, CBNM uses flash fiction, short stories, essays and other narrative mediums to embed brand awareness and responsiveness into the consciousness of the consumer as a cultural and social standard, making it familiar and customary, thus creating a longevity of brand loyalty.
    CBNM is well suited to the internet; particularly Social Media Platforms, Web Communities, Forums and Blogging chains. Yet can be designed in such a manner which also allows inclusion in traditional and established marketing mediums.
    CBNM is pro-active, flexible and adaptive. It can change and adjust your communications to express any modification or revision as and when required.”

    Hope this helps?


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