Say what you mean


This blog, as its subtitle states, is where I write about writing for writers.

When I do so, I want to make it clear what each of my posts is about so you can choose to indulge in my words or skip on to something else which blows your frock up in the moment.

The point is ‘CLARITY’.

Allow me to explain where my thoughts are…

I read an awful lot of stuff about writing and being an indie author; articles, blogs, books, newspapers, social media posts, written by other writers, authors and publishers with the intent of giving advice or insight into the ‘black art‘ of a writer’s life.

Generally… and I know one should not generalise by right, but on this occasion, I shall… Generally, all these posts are written with a single perception in mind, that of the fiction writer.

It is assumed, by most authors of these posts, articles and essays that ‘writing’ or being a ‘writer’ means you are working on a fictional novel.

Do not simply take my word, browse away all you like, look for yourself.

I can understand why.

Most of these articles are written, with good intent, by authors of fiction, reaching out to help others. Sharing knowledge and accumulated wisdom. Something which is rarely done in other areas, areas where another person could be perceived as being, and often is, your competition.

This is one matter where the indie writer’s community excels. It is supportive and encouraging to all who venture within the dark realms of the quill.

Yet the term ‘writer’ means so much more and covers a far wider sphere, than fiction alone.

I try to be as inclusive as possible in my own posts.

If I am not writing directly about a particular aspect of fiction, I try to make my posts content equally applicable to those writing a blog, a historical article, poetry, or a non-fictional account as I am to the writers of fiction alone.

A writer could be a reporting journalist, a diarist, a playwright, or engaged in composing a technical manuscript as well as engaging in stories of fantasy and fiction.

So, come on all you other bloggers who tap away on your keyboards. Make it clear from the outset of your post if it is about something which affects all forms of writing, such as grammar, or your view on the loneliness a writer may endure.

Please alert people if it is specific to a certain genre or area of writing, like romantic fiction, historical recording, technical manuscripts or horror. ZGPIAp


Well, I for one do not want to start reading your post, which I am sure you will have made as interesting and comprehensive as possible, to find, a few paragraphs in, it is covering a subject which I have no connection with and is therefore of absolutely no interest to me.

Being unnecessarily drawn into such will only make me disregard any future article you might post, even if it then covers a subject I am connected with.

You can still have a ‘catchy’ headline or title if you do not want a fully descriptive header. Just ensure, for those browsing a subject they want to read, that you clarify, in the first few lines, the subject matter of the post.

It will help the reader find what they want and it will help you gain followers who like your subject matter.

That’s all I have to say for now.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Paul.









8 thoughts on “Say what you mean

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  2. Wow now i am scared… the hashtag and tag is where being specific works to lead the reader. With the best will in the world puttin’g this is a poem’ for a title would make me not bother to view. Tag or catagorise correctly surely is the best … at least for blogs with mixes of story,genre and poetry.


    1. So, ellenbest24, let me get this right, you scrolled all the way past my post, right down to the bottom to read what the tags and catagories were before deciding to go back to the top and read any of it?

      or did you just choose to look at the two or three basic lables on the wordpress reader page? some don’t bother with these at all. others say things like ‘Writing, blog, blogger’ oh, how informative!

      BUT, ‘short story, poem, article, quiz, joke’ would encourage me to seek out what I want to read at that time. so please what is so wrong with a title which helps the reader to decide?

      I am not saying you need to write – ‘Silver Wind – this is a peom‘, BUT ‘Sliver Wind, a gentle poem of love and loss‘ OR ‘Sliver Wind’ a short comming of age story’ would encourage me to open the post.

      Surley there is NOTHING to fear using this technique to aid the choice of your followers and to gain new readers, but gives us so much to gain?


      1. No i read all your post and the scared part is because i thought the tag/categories were enough. I havent once done my titles the way you say. Now the fear in my eye that puts glue on my tongue is the thought of changing them all📚


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