Suzi is a Little Devil!


I thought that title might grab your attention as, I am sure does my illustration above.

You see, I needed to get your attention, I need you here, to listen, because I have to tell you about Suzi Albracht. Who is, by the way, a good friend of mine.

Suzi is a writer, a spinner of tales, dark tales, from beyond….the beyond, she has a new book I bet you would love reading. It’s called ‘The Devil’s Lieutenant’; heres a taster….

Without giving it a second thought, she decided to take a shortcut so she could get home sooner. Up ahead, she spotted the alley she usually avoided. It was dark, littered with trash and discarded furniture but if she ran all the way to the end, it would get her home ten minutes sooner.

As she slipped between the deserted buildings that lined both sides, to her right, a mouse skittered between the trash cans. Her eyes flew toward the sound. She saw the flick of his tail as he slipped behind a cinder block. And then wham! Her heart skipped a beat and dizziness slammed her smack between the eyes when she saw the moonlight glint off those damn Italian loafers… he had followed her!

The Devil never does his own dirty work. He relies on the cruelty of others who come in the dark of night, carrying death in their pocket.

This is the supernatural horror story of a pair of cops from different jurisdictions who find themselves joining forces to engage in a war to halt the Devil’s pursuit of world domination. As they battle, they receive the help of an angel in the form of a young girl. At the same time, they discover their loved ones are at the mercy of an immortal enforcer who will do whatever it takes to win and force them to join the dark side.



Take a peek at this awesome trailer…if you dare,

Suzi’s Author page. This is also where you will find all of her books.





Suzi Albracht loves to write horror thrillers with intense personal relationships between
characters. She started reading early in life and spent many hours hidden in closets and under beds, sneaking in just another ten worth of reading. As soon as she was old enough, Suzi’s mother would send me to library to pick up books for her. This delighted her because it opened a whole new world of books not available in school.

Suzi read everything she could get her hands on but was drawn to sci-fi, horror and thrillers.

Suzi says, “As I matured, I would say my main influences became Stephen King, Dean Koontz and William Faulkner. My writing definitely reflects those influences”.

“I can honestly say my twitter bio describes me to a T – Write, scare myself, turn all the lights on, write some more. Take a break, play pool, kick butt/get butt kicked, go write more horror, double lock door”.

To reach me regarding my books, or to just say hello (please, no spam), email me at or by Twitter: @SuziAlbracht.

Other books from the pen of Suzi Albracht

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