Do You Make These Six Errors in Formatting

Plaisted Publishing House

Mistakes on formatting are one of the most common irritations for readers when they buy self published books, be they eBooks or Print.  There is a lot of bad formatting out there, never mind the grammar and editorial errors abounding from one English speaking country to the next.  

Grammar and Edits are different in each country whereas Formatting is the same the world over, well to a degree.  There are basic steps to take to avoid these errors which so many writers fall into.  First you need to work out what type of manuscript you are writing.  There are different formats for novels, poetry, non fiction and even anthologies.  So where does this leave us?  Either with a long and arduous learning curve or hiring a professional who knows what they are doing.


Click on this picture and you will see part of a novel which had very little…

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