An unintended post!


Below is a statement which I have recently left as a comment on a Blog. It was only after doing so I decided to re-post my words here, as a stand alone post on Ramblings from a Writers Mind, because each word I hastily tapped-out on my keyboard represents precisely my views on the current balance of Indie Publishing and why many writers are (seemingly) having a bad time.

You may even consider this a ‘bit-of-a-rant’!

I shall let you draw your own conclusions. Feel free to reply, comment, or argue with me, I don’t bite!

I do not & will not discount or give away may published work.

I price my books according to the value (i.e. Creativity, Hard Work & Effort) which I put into them.

My books therefore are not the low cost option because my readers are buying high quality content.

If a book is free, .99c or £2.99 for a full length novel, then the author of that work clearly has either devalued their work, themselves, or the quality of the book will be crap.

This is a major problem regarding Indie Publishing Vs Mainstream Houses. Mainstream only discount AFTER a long period and then they do so firstly via discount shops, book clubs & supermarkets.

Readers should understand that good quality books, premium books may cost more, but are far better value ultimately.

Just like most things in life, buy cheap, get cheap.

2 thoughts on “An unintended post!

  1. More people need to shout this sort of opinion from the rooftops! It’s more than an opinion; it’s a fact.

    Electronic and independent publication have caused a detrimental impact on the value of high-quality writing. For starters, the electronic takeover in the worlds of book manuscripts and copy have brought about a monsoon of mediocre material. We’re drowning in a metric ton of crap because people are convinced they can pay (what I call) micro-pennies for excellence.

    The skill of a truly good writer is damn rare! Less than 5% of the global population have what it takes to be truly amazing writers, those who contribute to and expand the world of literature and even copywriting. Moreover, less than 10% of the population have the skill and knowledge to be sound writers in the trade.

    It burns my crisp that I (as one of many) have to fight for a decent wage from copywriting because others with far less skill, experience, and talent sell their services for pennies on the dollar. It grows harder to make the equivalent of a minimum wage salary in the industry because our trade is so misvalued. And don’t even get me started on the people who pay $5 for a few thousand words of copy, complain about receiving crap, and then want real talent to “fix it” for the same money or less. I mean, really people? A high-quality piece of copy takes time and skill, and you pay for it – just like paying a heart surgeon. Go cheap there and see what happens!

    Likewise, independent authors are either excellent writers or not. If their sole purpose for publishing independently is based on constant rejection from mainstream publishers, they had best ensure they apply any feedback before publishing on their own. Otherwise, they add to a growing problem. Additionally, independent publishing is not a means of skimping on proper editing and marketing. It simply means YOU are taking it all on, by yourself. To sell a book for a couple of bucks or give it away is a slap in the face. I can understand a limited time offer to gain exposure, but it should not be the norm.

    Never devalue your work! Writing has become a hobby and quick money gain thanks to the Internet, and it is deplorable. Writers as a whole have become a wildly underappreciated and underpaid group of WORKERS. We need more strong voices like yours.


  2. Thank you for your comment Anita.
    I must say I was not expecting such strong support regarding my views…what a plesant surprise 🙂

    You have highlighted some further points which I agree with.
    Sometimes people wonder why I turn work away and why I do not just give my time & service away….LMAO.


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